Paige Wales has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Marketing & Management from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).


With her unique educational foundation, and strong industry knowledge Paige has developed a passion for the marketing and merchandising industry's.

During her college experience Paige has sought out multiple opportunities to broaden her skill set.  With three years of retail experience, she was able to utilize her degree and partake in real world experience. 


Paige see's marketing as an ever-evolving field with endless opportunities for innovation and implementing creative strategies to promote consumer engagement.


Her education has provided her with the ability to create a marketing campaign that's tailored to entice every generation. She succeds at working independently as much as she enjoys mutually sharing ideas with other team members. As a fast learner, she will be able to gain a quick and deep understanding of  your company's brand values and consumer.


With a fresh outlook on work and a will to learn Paige is ready to begin her career within the Fashion Industry.